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Marketing Library - English Forms
Document Reference Number
PDF Document Declaration of loss of plan MZE034/1110
PDF Document Declaration of loss of plan - Hong Kong HZE198/1110
PDF Document Declaration of loss of plan Schedule MZE205/1110
PDF Document Surrender Request Form MZE204/1110
PDF Document Request for Telegraphic Transfer MZE197/1110
PDF Document Switch Form for all contracts MZE056/1110
PDF Document Switch Instruction Form MZE198/1110
PDF Document Declaration of Health MZE094/1110
PDF Document Addition/Change of Life Assured Form MZE003/1110
PDF Document Money Laundering Form MZE004/1110
PDF Document Appointment of Fund Adviser Form MZE067/1110
PDF Document Declaration (Residency) MZE137/1110
PDF Document Regular Withdrawal Form MZE001/1110
PDF Document Dealing Instruction Form  
PDF Document Deed of Appointment  
PDF Document Deed of Assignment  
PDF Document Deed of Appointment Trustee  
PDF Document Terms of Business  
Important Note

If you are encashing part of or all of your policy you will need to tell us whether you require payment by cheque or directly to your bank account.

If you require payment by cheque and the address on our records is different to your current address, you will need to include a copy of a recent utility bill confirming your current address.

If you require payment directly to your bank account, you will need to provide a copy of a recent bank statement confirming the account details - the top portion of the statement will suffice showing the account name, number and address. Please note that any payment by telegraphic transfer is likely to attract a charge which will be deducted by the bank from the amount that you receive.  

Payments will only be made to the legal owner(s) of a policy and we reserve the right to request additional verification of personal details, including certified copies of your identification documentation (such as passport, driving license or national identity card).

We will also require your IBAN number and the Swift code of your bank if either of the following applies to you : -

  • Your account is not in the United Kingdom

  • Your account is in the United Kingdom but the currency of your policy is not in sterling

  • You policy is held in sterling and you wish it to be converted to another currency
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